The Suffolk County Police held a community meeting on September 3rd, 2019 at the 7th Precinct in Shirley at 7pm.  These meetings are meant to address issues the community faces and to give members of the community an opportunity to interact with the officers who patrol and work in their areas.

These meetings cover the entire 7th precinct which covers many hamlets outside of Rocky Point, Sound Beach, & Shoreham.  We aim to condense the information in these meetings to issues that only pertain to our north shore communities.

Stats & information over the last month

  • 409 crimes reported.

  • 6 assaults.

  • 9 burglaries  - Three of which were in Rocky Point.  One commercial and two residential.

  • 4 robberies.

  • 5 search warrants (none in RP).

  • 94 accidents in this past month in the 7th pct. vs 264 same time last year.

  • 6 DWI arrests.

  • 1228 tickets written.

  • Highway patrol is at the 7th Precinct a few days a month assisting with problem areas and writing tickets.

  • Officer Lynagh held a presentation on the drug epidemic on Long Island & Suffolk County.

Rocky Point Specific Questions

  • There were 3 reported burglaries in Rocky Point.  One at Kohls on 8/10 which really qualified as a larceny and is considered commercial.  We also had two residential burglaries on 8/21 & 8/29.

  • School bus traffic safety enforcement initiative will begin in the coming days/weeks.  We will post a PSA when the initiative begins.

  • We will have two School Resource Officers for the entire 7th Precinct for this school year.

  • SCPD Community Relations Bureau will be holding a drug awareness presentation at one of the Rocky Point School District schools.  We will advise the community when the date becomes available.

Next Meeting is October 1st at 7pm

Keep Rocky Point Safe