Rocky Point Watch wishes to remind the community that it is against the law to confine your pet dogs in this extreme heat.  Our local police will be enforcing the law with the current heat our area is experiencing over the coming week.

No dog may also be tethered at all from 11pm to 6am under any circumstances. Each violation of a section of the law constitutes a misdemeanor.  If you see anyone breaking the law, you should notify 911.

Section 299.51 Section G states...

No person shall tether, leash, fasten, secure, restrain, chain, tie, pen or otherwise confine outdoors a dog when:

(1) The temperature is below 32° F.;

(2) The temperature is above 90° F.;

(3) The National Weather Service has issued a heat or wind chill advisory, watch or warning; or

(4) Conditions are not appropriate due to the breed, physical condition and climate, as established pursuant to New York State Agricultural and Markets Law § 353-b.

Section D of 299.51 says...

No person shall tether, leash, fasten, secure, restrain, chain or tie a dog to any stationary object outdoors between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.

Keep Rocky Point Safe