The Suffolk County Police held a community meeting on June 4th, 2019 at the 7th Precinct in Shirley at 7pm.  These meetings are meant to address issues the community faces and to give members of the community an opportunity to interact with the officers who patrol and work in their areas.

These meetings cover the entire 7th precinct which covers many hamlets outside of Rocky Point, Sound Beach, & Shoreham.  We aim to condense the information in these meetings to issues that only pertain to our north shore communities.

Stats since May 7th

  • 394 crimes reported

  • 4% decline from the same time last year (411 rep crimes)

  • 5 assaults

  • 12 burglaries (8 residential, 4 commercial)  - none reported in RP

  • No robberies

  • No active crime patterns in 7th pct

  • 6 search warrants (5 drug, 1 parole offender) (none in RP)

  • 230 arrests in 7th (302 charges) vs last year 260 arrests, 318 charges

  • 18 DWI arrests

  • 1212 tickets written

  • 2 stolen vehicles

Rocky Point Specific Questions

  • Regarding the DOA on 5/24 - Still under investigation, no further details.

  • Cars are passing school buses at Magnolia/Locust - patrol check was set up following RPW contacting Officer Anson.

  • Capsized boat off of Friendship - sector officers didn't have keys, NSBPOA board would like to give them keys to all beaches, so that they can access through proper and safe channels. 

  • Rocketship Park incident with man watching children and touching himself inappropriately. RPW received anonymous tip. Officer said he would follow up. 

  • New COPE officer may be coming to our area, possibly Officer moving up from SRO position following the school year

No meeting in July.

August Meeting same night as National Night Out.  Many activities for families. They will either change date, or move meeting earlier on the same day.  August 6th, 5-8 pm at William Floyd High School. 

Keep Rocky Point Safe