As members of Rocky Point Watch & Sound Beach Watch go through the Suffolk County Police Civilians Academy, they recently received a live firearms safety and training exercise at the Stephen J. Clark firearms training facility in Westhampton.

The Suffolk County Police Civilians Academy is a 16 week course provided to members and leaders of communities who wish to build a better rapport with our amazing police department.  Members of both Rocky Point Watch and Sound Beach Watch have been attending these classes which mostly take place at the SCPD Police Academy in Brentwood.  Civilians who take this course are given many of the same training that our police are given and gives the community and opportunity to see first hand what our Suffolk County Police force needs to learn prior to starting the job.

As the course continues, our members were given a lesson on live firearms safety, training, and operation.  Civilian classmates were taken down to the SCPD firearms training facility in Westhampton to go over the various firearms and tools used by the police to effectuate their job duties.  These tools range from non lethal options such as pepper spray and tasers to much more deadly tools such as shotguns and rifles.

After an hour and a half of learning about the various tools that our police utilize to do their jobs, civilian classmates had an opportunity to actually perform live fire exercises with these firearms.  Civilian classmates were taught about proper vision and hearing protection in the training environment and how to safely operate the firearms while firing at cardboard targets.

Members of RPW and SBW are grateful to our Suffolk County Police Department for doing such an excellent job of keeping our communities safe and we're grateful for the extensive training they receive.

Keep Rocky Point Safe