The Suffolk County Police held a community meeting on May 7th, 2019 at the 7th Precinct in Shirley at 10am.  These meetings are meant to address issues the community faces and to give members of the community an opportunity to interact with the officers who patrol and work in their areas.

These meetings cover the entire 7th precinct which covers many hamlets outside of Rocky Point, Sound Beach, & Shoreham.  We aim to condense the information in these meetings to issues that only pertain to our north shore communities.


  • There were a total of 412 crime reports vs 469 at the same time last year.

  • 4 assaults & 10 burglaries (9 were residential and 1 was a business).  2 of the residential burglaries were in Sound Beach.  There was 1 robbery at Exxon in Calverton near the Town of Riverhead.

  • 6 search warrants were served (none in Rocky Point) and most were all in the Mastic, Shirley, & Mastic Beach area with one being served in Middle Island.

  • There were 331 arrests within the last month and 128 were drug related.

  • There were 3 stolen vehicles within the 7th Precinct in the last month.

  • Motor vehicle crashes were 161 vs 255 last year.

  • The 7th Precinct issued 1559 tickets and netted 15 DWI arrests.

  • The 7th Precinct is getting 9 new police recruits from the Police Academy this month.

  • COPE lost one Officer due to a transfer and personnel changes will most likely be happening in the near future.


  • There were two residential burglaries that occurred in Sound Beach on 4/10 and 4/14.  They are actively being investigated.

Next SCPD meeting will be held June 4th at 7pm.

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