Thank you for visiting the Rocky Point Community Watch website.  Our goal is to provide a centralized system for residents of our community to be able to find and report important information regarding our hamlet.

As you may have already noticed, we're not your typical neighborhood watch.  We utilize the internet and technology to our advantage.  We're taking the concept of a neighborhood watch into the 21st century.

We understand that the biggest thing that prevents Community and Neighborhood watches from succeeding is logistics and intimidation.  Rocky Point Watch is committed to helping our residents retain their anonymity as well as relaying important safety and quality of life information to the community.

We accept anonymous tips and information from something as simple as a neighbor who is littering all the way to suspicious or criminal activity.

We work with the Seventh Precinct SCPD COPE officers and the Rocky Point Civic Association and we generate reports based on the information we receive from RP and surrounding communities residents.

Keep Rocky Point Safe